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Loham 2 days collection report

Loham 2 days collection report

Loham continues its great run at box office

The second day collection report of the film Loham is arrived. As per reports which is coming from official sources the film had earned around 1.30 crore rupees from its second day and got an overall gross collection above 3.50 crore from Kerala alone. The share got by film from just two days is a whopping 1.60+ crore rupees which is really an earth shattering opening that other films can only dream of in Mollywood.

There is certainly a drop on the collection from the first day where it created record in Mollywood by collecting close to 2.20 crore rupees. But the trade guides says that the drop in collection is due to the fact that Friday was a working day here in Kerala and Onam celebrations have been taking place in Schools and colleges in the state. Because of that the noon show and matinee in many places showed a drop on the second day as the bulk of the audience usually occupies the noon show and matinee are mostly youngsters and students.

But by evening the film showed a hike in collection and audience number. On the very first day the multiplexes in Ernakulam had reported a whopping 9000 above number of peoples attendance for Loham and on the second day even after the drop in noon show and matinee the number of people attended the show of Loham has come above 6000. It was also a record indeed in the multiplexes in Ernakulam for a Malayalam film.

On Saturday the trade guides expects a steady collection around 1.20 crore and on Sunday there is all chance that the film will cross 1.50 crore on that day. Thus by the end of the weekend the film will amass a whopping 5-6 crore total gross from the screens in Kerala alone and will get a share above 3 crore rupees as well. The Outside Kerala collection is not available and if it also adds to this the film had already collected more than 4 crores from just two days of its run and already entered the super hit chart of this Onam Season.

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