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3 people arrested in related to the death of Kalabhavan Mani

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3 people arrested in related to the death of Kalabhavan Mani

The death of Kalabhavan Mani is becoming more and more mysterious as time passes. Mani had died of severe liver disease on March 6th this year. The doctors at Amritha hospital, where Mani breathed his last said that Methanol was found in his blood more than the normal level. That caused a doubt in their mind that this death of Kalabhavan Mani can be a homicide as well.

Chalakkudy Police has registered a case and started investigation about this matter. Mani was took to hospital before his death by some of his friends, from his paddy house where they met that day. When police at first searched the Paddy house for anything like an evidence, they found out that someone had cleaned that Paddy house in the meantime and that itself paved way for some doubts. Now, the report coming in that 3 people got arrested by the Police related to the death of Mani.

The arrested ones were worked under Mani and their names is Arun, Vipin and Murugan. They are the ones who cleaned the Paddy house from which Kalabhavan Mani was taken to the hospital after drinking alcohol and fell ill. Then they came back to the Paddy house and cleaned everything their including the vomit of Mani and Police thinks that they did so to remove all the evidence from there.

Kalabhavan Mani’s brother Ramakrishnan accused that there is some foul play going on and he had his own doubts about his brother’s death. Kalabhavan Mani was preparing for a Liver transplantation in Amritha hospital and Actor Mohanlal was guiding him along with the doctors of Amritha hospital. Ramakrishnan accused the friends of Mani who was with Mani at that night of giving him Alcohol even after knowing that he is suffering from severe liver disease.

Ramakrishnan also said that when he was taken to hospital, no one had cared to inform the family members. The doctors said to him that the amount of Methanol found in Mani’s blood was unbelievable as well. That creates doubt in his mind about the ones who are with Mani that night and about the ones who poured alcohol to Mani.

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