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90% members of the Exhibitors Federation join new union

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90% members of the Exhibitors Federation join new union

The new organisation for Kerala theatre owners formed by actor Dileep was officially named Film Exhibitors United Organisation of Kerala (FEUOK) on Tuesday. 168 thetares have joined the new association. Almost all the theatres have more than one screen, so the total count will come to nearly 300 screens.

Actor/ theatre owner Dileep was named as the president while producer MC Bobby was named as the general secretary. Antony Perumbavoor, KE Ijaz, G George were named as the vice presidents.
Sumesh, Thangaraj, Arun Gosh were named as the general secretaries and Suresh Shenoy as the treasurer. A 23-member core committee was also announced.

The association was formed under Dileep, after theater owners under the Exhibitors Federation demanded a 50-50 profit share from the theatrical collections. This standoff between Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation (KFEF) and Kerala Film Producers’ Association (KFPA) over revenue-sharing stalled the release of Malayalam movies for almost a month. The festive Christmas season was lost incurring massive loss to the industry.

The new association FEUOK has producers, distributors and theatre- owners as its members. G Suresh Kumar, M Ranjith, Siyad Koker, Saga Appachan, C V Ramakrishnan, Anto Joseph and many others are part of the core committee. This core committee including the distributors and producers will be in charge of settling the internal issues amicably.

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