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A new star on the floor and her name is Anupama Parameswaran

Anupama Parameswaran in Premam-Malayalam Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

Premam is a film which not only become a great success but also brought some new stars, new talents etc to the floor of Malayalam cinema. Many newcomers were part of this film like Shabareesh Varma who acted and even wrote and sang a song for this flick. But the main attraction of this film are 3 heroines who are newcomers in the industry named Anupama Parameswaran, Sai pallavi and Madonna Sebastine respectively. Three of them had done their part perfectly already create a buzz in the M-Town and among youngsters with their pretty looks and skillful acting talent.

Among them the first one to get noticed in the film is Anupama Paramesawaran who became a star even before the release of the film. The song “Aluva puzhayude ..” had released before the film hits the screens and it went on to become a terrific hit among youth. Anupama shines in that song and her long and curly hair become a huge talking point. She looked pretty and quite natural and her portrayal of the character named Mary was very much believable.

It was in fact the audition call of the Premam team had made Anupama a heroine. After seeing the audition call she send some of her selfie clicks to the Premam team and without much delay they contacted her for an audition. At first she made not that good in tension and confusion but in the second chance given to her Anupama show them the Mary they are looking for and she had grabbed that opportunity with both her hands. It was indeed a great chance and she had made the most of it.

Anupama expressed her thanks and gratitude to all of them who supported her, loved her and cared for her during the shoot and after that as well. Anupama said that it was Alphonse really who has the credit of molding her as an actress even though she had some theater experience in her kitty. Anupama calls Alphonse Puthren an atom bomb who has an enormous amount of skill in him. She also expressed her thanks to Nivin Pauly for his support and all of the other co-actors and crew member for making her what she is now, a star indeed.

Photo Credits : Anupama’s Facebook Page

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