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Aamir Khan to make Mahabharatha to outshine Baahubali !

Aamir Khan to make Mahabharatha to outshine Baahubali

Baahubali had come and conquered the hearts of film lovers in India and become the 3rd highest grosser in Indian Cinema below Aamir Khan’s PK and Salman Khan’s Bhajrangi Bhaijan. In its budget and the setting Baahubali is the biggest Indian film ever and people watched it with sheer amazement and hailed it as the best Indian film that made on an epic level. The second part of the film has already started its filming and will come to screen in next year December.

The team behind the film had already told that the second part will be bigger than the first part. There will be more war scenes and more area will be made using great VFX scenes. Bahubali really made the audience in proud as it make them believe that we also can make films which can stood up against the epic Hollywood films and we have the talent here to do it as well. But it seems that Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood is all set to show to the viewers that if Baahubali from South India can come and rock the nation, then Bollywood, which is the biggest industry in Indian can outsmart it as well.

As per the news coming, Aamir Khan is planning to do Mahabharatha in association with Mel Gibson. As per reports he had already finalized the screenplay of the film and talked to Mel Gibson. The film will have VFX which we never saw before and will done with the help of Hollywood technicians as well. The report also says that Mel Gibson is planning to cast many popular actors from Indian film industry along with Aamir Khan in the project. As per news the film will start shooting in 2017 after the release of his film Dangal, which he currently doing. Aamir khan plays a wrestler in Dangal.

As news says its budget will be far greater than Baahubali and will have the biggest release Indian Cinema ever witnessed. SS Rajamouli also expressed his wish to make Mahabharatha some time ago and there was rumor came as well that he is preparing for a 1000 crore project based on Mahabharatha.

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