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Aashiq Abu, Syam Pushkaran and Dileesh Pothan to collaborate for a new version of Gangster!

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Aashiq Abu, Syam Pushkaran and Dileesh Pothan to collaborate for a new version of Gangster!

Aashiq Abu’s filmmaking career has seen some rapid highs and lows. One of the biggest failures in his career is the Mammootty starrer ‘Gangster’, that got released in the year 2014. Prior to its release, expectations and the hype surrounding it were at such levels, that the makers failed miserably to satisfy the audience.

In a recent interview to Film Companion, Aashiq Abu concurred that the failure of ‘Gangster’ was a huge blow. He admitted that it was made just out of a fascination to do a gangster flick with Mammootty, without proper work going behind it. Abu also revealed that during the halfway stage of the making itself he could sense that things have gone wrong. Though he tried to cover it up with some gimmicks, it just didn’t work with the Malayali audience.

Now it seems like Aashiq Abu is trying to redeem for the movie’s failure. In the FC interview, he disclosed that he is planning to make a better version of ‘Gangster’. Syam Pushkaran will be scripting the film with additional inputs from Dileesh Pothan. Apparently, it the duo’s idea to make a second version of the film.

This new film will be based on the idea on which they were supposed to make ‘Gangster’ originally. If things go as per plans, they will be starting shoot next year. It is not yet known if Mammootty will be retained or will the team be opting for an entirely new cast.

Let’s wait for an official confirmation.

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