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Abrid Shine’s next with Neeta Pillai set in Himachal Pradesh?

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Abrid Shine’s next with Neeta Pillai set in Himachal Pradesh?

Abrid Shine is one filmmaker who silently goes about his job without any fuss whatsoever. As per our sources within the industry, the director is planning his next with a set of newcomers like in his last film, ‘Poomaram’. If reports are to be believed, his new movie will be set in North India. The team will be soon heading to Himachal Pradesh and other parts of the North to start shooting.

Neeta Pillai who played the role of Irene, in ‘Poomaram’ has been retained to play a major role in this upcoming movie. In ‘Poomaram’, her spirited performance as the dynamic chairperson of the rival college had won a lot of appreciation. Nothing much is known about her new film with Abrid Shine or the nature of her character.

The three-film-old Abrid Shine is a much revered filmmaker among the Malayali cinephiles. All his three movies – ‘1983’, ‘Action Hero Biju’ and ‘Poomaram’ – belonged to different themes and had an unique element. While ‘1983’ was a coming-of-age film that revolved around the game of cricket, ‘Action Hero Biju’ followed the everyday life of a righteous police officer. His last outing ‘Poomaram’ chronicles the events that occur during a college youth festival.

We will have to wait and see what the director comes up with in his next film. Stay tuned to this space for more updates.

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