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Actor Salim Kumar resigned from AMMA

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Actor Salim Kumar resigned from AMMA

Actor Salim Kumar had resigned from the association of Malayalam movie artists today. He resigned from AMMA because some actors went for election campaigns even after AMMA told them not to go for election campaigns in constituencies in which film stars are contesting. Salim Kumar send his resignation letter to Mammootty, who is AMMA’s current General Secretary.

There has been reports that Salim Kumar’s resignation came after stars like Mohanlal went for election campaign conducted by Ganesh Kumar who is contesting as a Left Democratic front contestant from Pathanapuram constituency. Jagadeesh is the United Democratic front candidate there, who is contesting opposite Ganesh Kumar. Jagadeesh reportedly told Salim Kumar that he felt bad when Mohanlal came to the election campaign of his rival, who is also a film actor.

Salim Kumar said that AMMA told its members not to go for election campaigns where film stars are contesting. But later AMMA’s leaders went for the same campaign. Mohanlal is the vice president of AMMA. Innocent, the president of AMMA said to Jagadeesh that he will not come there to ask votes for him. Salim Kumar said that there is no fault in going for election campaigns in a constituency where film actors are not contesting. Jayaram and Kaviyoor Ponnamma did it. But Salim Kumar is not in favor of what Mohanlal did as per reports.

Mohanlal said when he came to the election campaign of Ganesh Kumar that he has not come there as a film actor but as a friend or may be an elder brother of Ganesh Kumar. He said he knew Ganesh’s family from his childhood. He had visited Ganesh’s house many times and ate food cooked by his mother a lot of times. So, when Ganesh requested him to just come there at his constituency, he obliged to that request.

Mohanlal also made clear sometimes back that he did not have any inclination towards any political Parties as he does not have much knowledge about their ideologies. Director Priya Darshan was with Mohanlal as well when he came at Pathanapuram last day.

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