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Ajith’s daring stunt scenes in Yennai Arindhaal

Ajith’s daring stunt scenes in Yennai Arindhaal

Kollywood star Ajith, fondly called as Thala by his die-hard fans is a passionate and skillful car racer and everyone know how crazy he is about cars and race and Maybe that is why he is always so sportive and loves to take huge risks in stunt sequences of his films to make his on screen fights look like a real and thrilling one. His upcoming movie Yennai Arindhaal which is directed by none other than Gautham Menon will hit the screens all over world on tommorow, and has Stunt Silva as the stunt director.

Silva told to the media the risks Ajith took in the film to make the fights look real. One such incident he told the media that Ajith had broken a real glass with bare head for the film and the stunt master had still in awe of the actor’s passion and dedication for his work. Stunt Silva had earlier worked with Ajith in Veeram and in that film too Ajith had took great risks in the fight scenes, especially in the fight that shot in the running train.

Before Veeram Stunt silva had worked with Ajith in Mankatha also which was one of the biggest hit of Ajith’s career. The stunt master said that Ajith is always concerned about the safety and security of the fighters and he is a very humble human being and had great respect for all others in the set. He is willing to offer his apology if he had made any mistakes and always ready for whatever the director wants. He is a man of “yes” and never says “no” to anyone.

Added to this Stunt Silva said that it is healthy to have Hollywood stunt artists working in Tamil films as it will bring up a healthy competition in the field and it will make a lot of improvement and development in this field. Stunt Silva said that He admires their pre -planning methods and says they are surprised by our way which is somewhat a spontaneous way of doing things. Stunt Silva had done a small role in the film too and everyone is waiting for the mass fight scenes he had created for Ajith.

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