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Alzheimer’s, a disease we come to know about through Thanmathra & Mohanlal

Thanmathra movie stills-Mohanlal

Today is World Alzheimer’s Day and all around the world there are many programs related to give awareness to people about the disease and also many researches are going on all around the world to find a permanent cure for the disease as well. But we, specially malayalees come to know more about this disease or more becime aware of this after the release of the film named Thanmathra directed by Blessy and starred by Mohanlal.

Mohanlal played the male lead who suffers with Alzheimer’s disease and through that most of us came to know about what this disease is and how it causes problems in our life and how its ends as well. Thanmathra is a very realistic portrayal of the disease and through the character named Rameshan Nair played by Mohanlal blessy actually drawn the picture of different stages through which the disease develops in the affected one.

Mohanlal’s performance was the highlight of this film as he just stunned even the experienced doctors in America as well with his subtle performance as the Alzheimer’s patient who losing his memories one by one just like leafs are falling from a free one by one without regenerating new ones. Director Blessy said that once he went to America and shown this film in front of the doctors there. They asked whether the actor who played it had any sessions with the Alzheimer’s patients before the shoot of the film to catch their behavior pattern.

But when blessy said no they were just stunned by the utmost perfection this actor gave to that character even with the minute details. Blessy was right as well as Mohanlal did not studied any Alzheimer’s patient before the shoot and he was performing as per the character sketch given to him by the director. Even blessy said that Mohanlal had given the character a level which was even beyond his dreams as he was making the character and film. But it was that performance which only Mohanlal can deliver in Indian Cinema right now gave the film a reach which is very big in here. The film had given more awareness to people about the disease than any awareness programs conducted by government or various association.

Anyway today many Alzheimer’s related organization giving awareness to people about it worldwide. We have to know some facts that there are millions affected by this disease today in our world and it usually old people who is above 60 years old. As a part of the awareness about this disease everyone was appealed to wear purple color on this day to support the cause.

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