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Anoop Menon’s tribute to late actress Kalpana

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Kalpana, who passed away last day is now a sad memory for the film lovers here in Kerala and for her family and friends, the void she created was intolerable. One of the finest actresses we have ever seen in Mollywood and above all a great human being is what Kalpana was. Everyone in Malyalam film industry is still not out of the shock which the news of her death brought to them. Many are remembering the moments they spent with her with wet eyes. Popular Mollywood Actor Anoop Menon also remembering her and paying his tribute to that great actress and more than that a fantastic human being.

Kalpana played the female lead in the film named Dolphins, which was written by Anoop Menin and directed by Deephan. It had Super Star Suresh Gopi in the lead and her character was named Kochu Vava. She had got great appreciation for her performance as Kochu Vava, who was a dying patient, in that film. Anoop Menon remembering one of the incident while they were shooting the climax part of the film. There was heavy rain and they are near the secretariat building at Trivandrum.

Kalpana died, malayalam actress Kalpana death, anoop menon about kalpana, kalpana in dolphins,

Anoop Menon says that, at that time Kalpana said to him that the character Kochu Vava is very close to her real life. Like Kochu Vava she also expecting death all the time. Kalpana says that like Kochu Vava, she also see the death with the same smile on its face and she also wants to have a walk around with her husband under an umbrella in that heavy rain like Kochu Vava wants in a valentine’s day after her marriage with Sura.

Anoop says that he had never seen Kalpana with such a serious mood as she always seen cracking jokes. After shooting that scene, both Kalpana and Suresh Gopi cried a lot. Anoop says he had no question to ask them and it seems they had no answer either. Later, Once Kalpana told him that she had fears about hotel rooms as she feels that there is someone standing outside her door every moment. Anoop says that the admirer who stood outside her door was indeed a joker as only an idiot like him can burn a great and kind soul like Kalpana.

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