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Baahubali bowing down before Pulimurugan at Trivandrum

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Baahubali bowing down before Pulimurugan at Trivandrum

We had already reported you that Pulimurugan had become the new industry hit in Mollywood and on the way to create some never seen before box office milestones here in Kerala.

The film is making stunning records at everywhere in Kerala, where it is screening. In Trivandrum City, the Magnum Opus Baahubali also bowing down before Pulimurugan as Pulimurugan had thrashed almost all the existing records in Trivandrum city.

It only took 15 days to thrash the all existing records at Trivandrum and still going great guns there. It had almost earned 3 crores from Trivandrum city alone in its 17 days run there and from Trivandrum Ariesplex complex alone, it had raked in more than 1 crore in just 15 days.

Pulimurugan is the first Malayalam movie to do so there as well. Baahubali took 24 days to earn 1 crore from Ariesplex and Pulimurugan had done it in just 15 day time.

Pulimurugan is screening there at Ariesplex, Sreevishakh, Sreekumar and New theaters and still the rush is uncontrollable. From Sreekumar and Sreevisakh alone, it had grossed more than 1 crore.

Earlier Drishyam and Premam are the films which earned more than 1 crore from Sreevisakh and Sreekumar complex. But they took more than 100 days to do it.

Pulimurugan only took 15 days for earning more than1 crore gross from there. Pulimurugan had played 327 houseful shows from Sreekumar, Sreevishak and New theaters there, from 15 days. At Ariesplex complex, it had played close to 70 houseful shows.

Pulimurugan also made record in number of special shows played in Trivandrum and it also become the film which gave the maximum tax amount for Trivandrum Corporation.

From Trivandrum Ariesplex, New, Sreekumar and Sreevisakh, the film had given 46 lakhs rupees as tax for the corporation.

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