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Baahubali is a topic of discussion in China as well

Baahubali is a topic of discussion in China as well-SS Rajamouli-Prabhas

Baahubali is making waves not only in India but also around the globe as well. Everybody is so excited to see another level of Indian film industry and Baahubali can stood up to any Hollywood epic film in terms of its quality of making and technical excellence. People now really believes that Indian cinema had really come of age as far as the technical brilliance is concerned as out cinema is always best when it comes to the aesthetic value and the quality of different stories. The abundant cultural varieties and ideas here in our country and the rush of great talents to do best in the creative field makes our film industry one of the best among all and probably the most prolific industry after Hollywood.

Now the success and wide acceptance of Bahubali triggered a discussion in China as well. In the famous Forbes website, Mr.Rob cain who writes about Indian an Chinese movies says that it is a source of discussion in China and they asks questions to themselves after watching the wide acceptance of Baahubali.

Rob Cain asks if the cultural variety and abundance of talent can help Indian films to grow in the creative field of cinema then why can’t a nation like China with more population and cultural varieties, financial resources as well as technical resources can’t grow big in this creative field and why they can’t still produce a film like Baahubali or a film that comes close to it. They had tried a lot to win that recognition all over the world but failed miserably and here in India a director like SS Rajamouli is doing it with ease.

The main reason seems to be their misunderstanding about what cinema really is. They gave much importance to technical sides and other sectors but excludes the value of natural creative spark and also the role of human skill and imagination which is the most integral part of this field. They have the most advanced technologies but lacks the proper imagination and creative spark to use it. Director acts like a dictator who runs the machineries like in a factory and the products come out also looks like mechanical one rather than a work of art.

Some of them finds out that their political stands regarding the development of artists and also the education system that is a kind of discouraging the creative talents which is undesirable to their political scenario etc making things worse for them. Their films only caters the regional viewers and that is why it does not get global appreciation.

As a part of their discussions and findings from it they are all set to make films united with Indian in the production side to make things improve in that part of the world hopes that one day we will get to see a Bahubali from china who has a lot of hidden talents ready to offer us some special cinematic experience.

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