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Bahubali poster in plagiarism trouble

Bahubali poster copied from english movie Simon Birch-S S Rajamouli-Onlooekrs Media

S S Rajamauli is one of the best directors in South India or may be in India as a whole as he is always gives the audience something big and extravagant in terms the theme of his films and the style of making it. He can be called another version of Shankar as well as both of them gives us something beyond our imagination or makes us go towards the edge of our imagination. After the mega blockbuster hit Eega which rocked the South Indian box office and the big time player Rajamauli is coming again with another epic film named Bahubali which will have two parts. The first part of which will hit the screens this year and the first look poster of the film is out as well.

But as soon as it had released it landed into some kind of plagiarism issue as the accusation falls on it saying that the poster of the film is a copycat of an English film named Simon Birch which was released in 1998 conceived by Mark Steven Johnson. Rajamauli’s super hit film Eega released in 2012 was also landed in plagiarism issue as the accusation fell on it saying that the film was a copycat of 2 films named Cockroach and The Bee. Cockroach was an Australian flick conceived by Luke eve and it was released in 2010. It was in fact a Short film rather than a full- fledged movie and the story of Eega said to have strong resemblance with the story of the Australian flick.

Whatever may be the fact, the issue certainly had given a great publicity for the film’s first look poster and the poster is widely appreciated as well. Now we have to wait till the release of the film Bahubali to find out that if there is any resemblance of the storyline of this film with any other movies. People are waiting with anxiety and eagerness to see the epic creation of Rajamauli on the big screen as his Eega had created such an impact and influence on film lovers.

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