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Bhavana and Amala Paul went missing !!

Bhavana and Amala Paul went Missing-Onlookers Media

Actress Bhavana and Amala Paul went missing for some days. Are you shocked to hear it..? But we are shocked. But the truth of the matter is just another. When we are browsing through Facebook we saw the photo of a little child and it was a post about a child missing incident. The post tells that the child in the photo was seen with a group of Gypsies near Kasaragod Railway station and that too in rather circumspect situation. We feel very sorry for that child at first.

Bhavana and Amala Paul went missing -Onlookers Media

But when we looked at the picture closely we were really shocked to say the least. Because it was the childhood picture of actress Bhavana and the date given in that post has just yet not come as it is 22/12/2015. Some days before similar post were shared by someone else, but with a change in that photo of Bhavana. That time they used the childhood photo of actress Amala paul to fool the people.

Bhavana and Amala Paul went missing -Onlookers Media

Social media now –a-days become a platform of pleading for many social causes like asking help to find out people who went missing, asking financial assistance to patient who is financially not sound, asking for kind hearts to contribute to other social causes etc. There have been a lot of shares for these posts as people believes that their one share can help the post to reach maximum and thereby they can help the one who needs help. But the matter of fact is that now there are lot of fake news are spreading in Social medias in the name of charity and some just make these kind of news just for fun.

But people take it seriously and knowingly or unknowingly they shares the news and become instrumental in spreading the false and helps it to reach to the maximum number of people. People don’t even care to read the posts they are sharing carefully and closely. That is the main reason that they are fooled by these pranksters. This is a kind of cyber- crime and it is increasing day-by-day through Facebook and Whatsapp. So people have to be aware and careful about this situation and be alert against these kind of things which makes us fools.

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