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Burn My Body is all set to burn YouTube records

Burn My Body Malayalam Short Film-Aparna Nair-Chinnu Kuruvila-Onlookers Media

We have many times waited for the release of  big films in our life. But it may be for the first time that people are waiting for the release of a short film in YouTube and that short film is Burn My Body, which is different in its theme and presentation from the usual short films and which is directed by Aryan Menon, who is a popular figure for the malayalai audience who has acted in movies like Tournament and Pranayam.

Even though a short film, this one named Burn my body will be produced and marketed as a full length movie. The artists worked in this Short film are Popular movie actress Aparna Nair and Chinnu Kuruvila. There is a suspense the team kept for the audience as they still not revealed the one who plays the male lead in the short film. Aryan Menon, the director of this short film said that the film deals with a socially relevant story and which will deeply touch the hearts of the spectators and also it will have an impact and influence on those who watches it and thus will have an effect on Society in a good way.

Burn My Body Malayalam Short Film-Aparna Nair-Chinnu Kuruvila-Onlookers Media

The music director of this film is Bijibal and DOP of the film is Sreeraj Raveendran. Chandraand Bader had financed for this film under the banner named Studio Blues and its first teaser which released in February had already become viral in social media and crossed a great number of viewers in record time. The teaser had shocked and thrilled the audience at the same time and now everyone is looking forward to the online release of the film.

According to the latest reports the short film Burn My Body will hit the YouTube channel On April 2nd. The film is already getting appreciation from various corners from those who saw the teaser. The trailer of the short film also released and getting overwhelming response from all around and now it is like waiting for the release of a Big Budgeted Mollywood film which has Super stars in the lead.

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