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Celebrities shower praise on Vinay Forrt’s Thamaasha

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Celebrities shower praise on Vinay Forrt’s Thamaasha

Debutant director Ashraf Hamza’s ‘Thamaasha’, which hit screens on June 5, continues to do well in theatres. Riding on a wave of highly positive reviews, the movie has got a good opening at the box office. Starring Vinay Forrt and Chinnu Chandini, Thamaasha’ is a heartwarming film that carries a very pertinent message about body shaming and the importance of not violating others private spaces. The movie has been garnering extremely positive response from critics, commoners and even celebs.

Prominent film industry personalities like Rima Kallingal, Parvathy, Aashiq Abu, Tovino Thomas, DulquerbSalmaan, PF Mathews, Rajisha Vijayan, Manju Warrier, Pearle Maaney, Manikandan Achari, Aju Varghese and Saiju Kurup have heaped praise on the movie. New gen filmmakers like Shanil Muhammed, Sajid Yahiya, Basil Joseph, Antony Sony Sebastian, Ahammed Khabeer, Arun Chandu, Ganesh Raj and Arun Bose have all been showering appreciation on the movie.

Check out some writings about ‘Thamaasha’ that celebrities have written,

Rajisha Vijayan:

I haven’t been this happy in a long long time! OMG Chinnu! What a fab job you’ve done in Thamasha! The character is just not leaving my mind. So happy for everything you have achieved and felt so good seeing the sea of appreciation following you. Thamasha is a must watch. A wonderful movie that says a lot without screaming, things that are much needed in today’s time. Vinay fort will blow you away by his performance. @grace_antonyy you are a true asset to Malayalam cinema. Loved watching you every second and @divya_prabha__ polich mole! You were just too good
Congrats to the whole team! @ashraf_hamzzaThamasha will be remembered for a long long time and you for creating it!

Rima Kallingal:

Chinnu is her own hero and the hero that everyone wants in their life.
Be like Chinnu
Rahim is that person who nevers gives up on his friends.
Be like Rahim.
Go fall in love with the innocence of Sreenivasan, Chinnu, Safiya, Babitha teacher, Rahim and many other beautiful human beings..
Loved this gem of a movie Ashrafkka. It is a movie adaptation of who you are in real. Thank you for giving us Chinnu and Sreenivasan.
Shyju, Sameer, Lijo, Chemban.

Veteran cinematographer Madhu Ambat:

I went to see “Thamasha” because my friend Uma was involved in it. I really liked the movie. it had a perfect blend of humor and seriousness. Very difficult to achieve as a scriptwriter. All the actors performed really well. Vinay Forrt, with whom I had worked in Clint, gave an excellent portrayal of the character. But then I always knew he is a terrific actor. The surprise was Chinnu. #ChintuChandni What an actress she is. She carried the role very well on her shoulders. Congrats Vinay and Chinnu. Though Uma had little to do in the movie, she did it with a natural grace. Congrats Uma.
Can’t believe this is the debut film of Ashraf Hamza. he has handled all the actors very well. If all the the actors in the film performs well, the credit goes to the director. His shots had freshness in the approach. And he is the scriptwriter also. Congrats Ashraf.
I recommend this film very strongly. I am seeing such a good Malayalam cinema after a long time. It is a must be seen movie.
We expect many more films like this from you, Ashraf…

Popular television host Dhanya Varma:

Love the fact that the movie has broken all conventional norms…the lead characters go on to prove that a good story doesn’t need larger than life heroes or heroines. When I saw premam I felt like I wanted to see more of Vimal sir, I saw him again in sreenivasan sir and what a joy that was! A box office success just needs a good story and well written characters ..proved yet again… Matters close to the life we lead now…social media, body shaming et al touched upon with no unnecessary drama…actors that were so natural that I felt like I was viewing a slice of life and not a movie…easy breezy, yet touched our hearts…
Congratulations team tamasha!

‘Luca’ director Arun Bose:

Saw Thamasa, I must say Vinay Forrt, you stole the show. What an amazing performance, body language. Absolute delight to watch. Long way to go bro, may there be more fantastic characters like this in your career. Hoping to work with you sometime. And Arun Kurian, you did a great job too. 🙂 It was also nice to see a lot of my fellow teammates of Luca, from Art team under the captainship of Anees Nadodi in front and behind the camera of Thamasa. The film was such a pleasure to watch. Congratulations to the whole team.

‘Sayana Varthakal’ director Arun Chandu:

Sweet simple film with great performances. Vinay Forrt bro! Its a joy to watch you on the screen as Sreenivasan mash! Terrific! Casting of thamasa is stellar. All actors did the best. Arun Kurian great to see you in such finely made films, looking forward to meenaviyal . production quality is also worth mentioning since the film is not a big budget one. real

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