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Did Rajamouli copy Baahubali from God Of War ?

Did Rajamouli copy Baahubali from God Of War

The magnum opus from S S Rajamouli Bahubali had created history at the Indian box office after releasing on the 10th of July this year. It had broken almost all existing records in the Indian box office and the only film in front of it was Aamir Khan’s PK which is the highest grosser ever in Indian cinema. But Bahubali now holds the record of the highest grossing movie in India if the collection only from India is considered, as it had amassed a whopping 500 crore from India alone. The great reviews it had got all around from the country helped it get to that feat and now it has been considered as one of the best Indian films ever made. The technical aspects are the main strength of the film as it had a mind blowing effect on the audience who watched the film and no one can forget the visuals from the film.

But now a negative is being heard about the film, for the first time. There has been a little controversy over the issue on art direction including Sabu Cyril and Manu Jagath. The story and specially the war scenes are the best of the lot when it comes to the film and now there is a news coming out that the war scenes of the film has been copied or inspired from a game named God Of War.

The war scenes specially between Baahubali and Bhalla Deva has great resemblances with the scenes in the film God Of War and Rajamouli earlier admitted that he has used some of the visuals from a PC game named action adventure God Of War. So it is clear that the scenes are not the original creation of SS Rajamouli. That game is based on Greek Mythology and is considered one of the best action adventure games and is very much popular as well.

Anyway everyone is waiting for the second part of the film to come out and it will release next year July or so. The filming will start coming September and everyone expects that the second part will have more action sequences than the first one.

Photo Credits : Andy Park Art

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