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I didn’t care about the story or my role, all I wanted was to act with Prithviraj: Ranam actress Isha Talwar

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I didn’t care about the story or my role, all I wanted was to act with Prithviraj: Ranam actress Isha Talwar

After a dream start in 2012 with Vineeth Sreenivasan’s ‘Thattathin Marayathu’, Isha Talwar has not got many meaty roles in Malayalam. Though she has been part of several hit films, her characters did not have enough scope for performance. Looks like she has finally got one in the upcoming movie ‘Ranam’ aka ‘Detroit Crossing’.

Isha is playing a very crucial role in the movie which has Prithviraj in the lead. of Nirmal Sahadev, a former associate of Shyamaprasad and one of the co-writers of Hey Jude, is directing Ranam. Unlike her previous films, where she mostly got to play glam-doll roles, Isha will be seen as a 15-year-old’s mother in Ranam.

Isha should be thanking her stars as the character was initially offered to Mamta Mohandas but she could not do it owing to her busy schedule. Isha plays a middle-aged woman who has a husband who is bored in a marriage and a teenage daughter who is difficult to handle. Her character has several layers and is very prominent in the movie’s storyline.

In a recent interview, Isha she signed the movie not because of the story or her character, but the fact that she could act alongside Prithviraj. The pretty actress is a self-confessed huge fan of Prithviraj.

In the interview to TOI, she is quoted saying, “That moment when the crew said Prithviraj, I said I don’t care what the film or story is about or that I have to play a mom, or just stand in a scene. I really wanted to work with him, and I am glad we could work abroad. We could talk well and I could see how he is a fun person, despite this serious image going on.”

Isha was also bowled over by Prithviraj’s knowledge about cinema. She said “Prithvi eats, breathes and lives cinema and has a thinking mind. I don’t know how much of a life he has beyond cinema, to be honest. He is constantly giving inputs, tweaking dialogues, making the film better.”

Ranam, shot entirely in the US explores the lives of the immigrant community in Detroit, Michigan. Prithviraj plays a Tamil street gang member in the movie, which is inspired by real life incidents. Rahman, Sampath and Ashwin Kumar are also part of the cast.

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