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Dileep came to meet his die-hard fan Sumi

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Dileep came to meet his die-hard fan Sumi

Dileep, the popular actor in Mollywood once again showed the world why he is so popular among them. A private news channel in Malayalam had telecasted a news story some weeks back which told about a girl named Sumi Raju who is in a hospital in Poojappura. She was suffering with the Autism in which her mental growth was affected. She is a great fan of Dileep and loves him like her own brother. After her parents, she admire and love this actor more than anyone in her life and she even sleeps by holding a photo of Dileep with her. Dileep had heard about this girl through media reports and he had come to meet his little fan.

When Sumi met Dileep in real life, her joy was boundless as she is seeing him for the first time off screen. He had spent some time with Sumi and also discussed with the doctors about her mental and health condition. Doctors told that his arrival will make great impact on her condition and it will have positive effect on her. Sumi is now preparing for the 10th standard Exam and she will be very happy this time as she had saw Dileep, the one whom she love the most.

Dileep also expressed his great joy after seeing Sumi and he proved that there is a deep meaning in calling him the popular actor. He is proved it once again beyond any doubt. Dileep is the one who recently visited Kanchanamala and gave all the help for the Moideen Seva Mandir when the cast and crew of the film allegedly ignored Kanchanamala. Dileep also adopted two poor children and promised to give them education and all their life expenses till they be able to stand on their own.

This new episode had added one more feather to his cap and there will not be another choice for the title of popular actor in Malayalam other than Dileep. His recent release Two Countries is a blockbuster success and moving towards one of the all-time blockbusters of Mollywood. Anyway its happy time for Dileep and Sumi.

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