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Dileep confirms CID Moosa 2 and Valayar Paramasivam

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Dileep confirms CID Moosa 2 and Valayar Paramasivam

Dileep is an actor with immense popularity among the Malayali audience, especially the families. The period from 2000-10 saw his rise from just another actor to a superstar as he delivered multiple blockbusters back to back. ‘CID Moosa’ and ‘Runway’ were two of the star’s biggest hits during this period and big news is that both these films are getting their sequels. Dileep himself confirmed this in an exclusive interview with us.

Interestingly, both ‘CID Moosa’ and ‘Runway’ were scripted by Udhayakrishna and Sibi K Thomas. The writer duo have now parted ways with only Udhayakrishna continuing to be active in films. It is learnt that he has already begun the scripting process and an official announcement is eagerly awaited.

‘CID Moosa’ directed by Johny Antony got released in 2003. The film enjoys a cult status among the slapstick comedy lovers for its evergreen humour that works well even after all these years.

‘Runway’, on the other hand is a mass entertainer directed by Joshiy. The lead character Valayar Paramasivam is one of the very few mass roles that Dileep has done in his career. Joshiy himself will be directing the second part, which is likely to be a spin-off on Paramasivam’s character.

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