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Dileep targeted again with fake news by online medias

Dileep Kavya Madhavan Wedding Fake News

Popular actor Dileep is a target of some popular online medias for sometimes now and they are literally toying with his personal life by spreading fake news through their social media pages. The issue we are referring here is the news about Dileep- Kavya Madhavan wedding which is coming again and again even though everyone knows that it is a fake one and without any credibility. This really started to come up when Dileep had separated from his wife Manju Warrier due to irreconcilable differences and many people sited that it was due to the doubt that Dileep is having an affair with actress Kavya Madhavan for some years.

When Kavya Madhavan got separated from her husband Nishal some years back the same reason was site by the media which said that Kavya separated from her husband as he accused her of an affair with actor Dileep. When Manju Warrier got divorce from Dileep the rumour has spread without any control. At first we have to consider the fact Manju had never said that Kavya Madhavan was the issue between her and Dileep.

Dileep and Kavya Madhavan had repeated in many media interviews that they are not at all in any kind of relations. Kavya said that she and dileep are only colleagues and she was not at all a reason for Dileep’s separation with Manju Warrier. Dileep said the same to medias that it was not Kavya Madhavan who is the reason for the differences between him and his wife Manju. But medias are in no mood to hear the facts and they spread fake news about Dileep-Kavya marriage and even some newspapers published that news with a date of marriage as well.

Every time when a Dileep film getting ready for release this marriage news pops up in some online media pages and their intention was only to degrade Dileep. These fake news some time may believe by some ordinary people and some people shares it too. On the other hand Some celebrates it without thinking how it affect a person’s life.

Now again it has popped up as Dileep’s new film Love 24×7 is all set for release on this Eid. Dilep is travelling through a different track now with films like Chandrettan Evideya which was a super hit, Love 24×7 and Life Of Josootty and the man of Mass is really working hard and focusing more his work unaffected by these fake news spreading.

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