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I don’t want to Influence anyone, says Ajith

I don’t want to Influence anyone, says Ajith

Ajith, who is known as Thala among his followers had some rare qualities and moral policies which other actors in the industry don’t have. Of course he is a simple and very down to earth person. He may be counted among the very few who is very down to earth and really a personified form of simplicity like Rajanikanth, Mohanlal etc. But the rare quality we mentioned above is his conscious decision to not act in any of the Commercials or advertisements and using his popularity for making money through advertisements and he says that he don’t want to influence anyone by using his popularity.

Not only that he also reluctant to participate in the media interviews or promotional events for his films. He always put forward his conditions before signing each of his films that he will not be there to promote the film through any Medias. When asked about this, he told that he is only an actor who gets paid for his performance in a film. That was his role in the making of a film. He acts the character they want him to and he gets his payment from the producer.

He also told that there is a chance that what he likes may be not a likable one for the audience and also what they likes may not be a likable one for him. So he did not want to tell his opinion about something or some product. He does not want to influence anyone’s opinion with his popularity.

He said that he had a fear that the value of his words may be lost if he came forward and try to influence people with his opinions. If we lose our money, we can earn it later. Just like that if there is a failure, we can wait for a success or we can try for a success later. But if one loses the trust of people who believes in him, it can’t get back. If each time people got disappointed believing his words, then there will be no value for his words in the future. If the film or any other product is good, people will enjoy it and will appreciate it. He don’t want to be the one who tries to influence them.

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