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I don’t want to spoil Lichi’s name: Anna Reshma Rajan

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I don’t want to spoil Lichi’s name: Anna Reshma Rajan

The Angamaly Diaries wave is sweeping Kerala with houseful shows in full swing across all the release centres. The movie, directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery is getting unanimous appreciation from the critics and the audience.

86 newcomers have played various characters in the movie including the lead actors. One of the female leads of the movie, Lichi has won the hearts of quite a few Malayali youths. Lichi is lovable and fiery at the same time. She speaks in broken Malayalam, in fact it’s the only character in the movie who does not used the Angamaly dialect.

Lichi is actually ‘Lijo’s chechi’, she helps Pepe meet Sakhi (his girlfriend), she is dejected when they break-up and then she eventually ends up proposing Pepe after getting boozed up. That’s not your typical Malayalam cinema heroine.

Lichi’s character is played by Anna Reshma Rajan, a nurse in real life. She was casted in the movie after director Lijo Jose Pellissery saw her photo in the hospital’s hoarding. Things soon fell in place and Ann Reshma is now everyone’s dear Lichi.

In a recent interview, the actress said that she wishes to work abroad and look after her family. However, she is ready to sign movies if something more exciting and solid than Lichi comes her way. The pretty actress does not want to spoil Lichi’s name.

Meanwhile, Angamaly Diaries continues to get admirers run from all corners. From superstar Mohanlal, Prithviraj, Jayasurya to Karthik Subbaraj to Anurag Kashyap, everyone have rated Angamaly Diaries as a must watch.

The movie marked the debut of actor Chemban Vinod Jose as a scenarist. It is a story about a group of youngsters in the Angamaly region. The film showcases the culture of that particular region and the nature of the people in that locality. Vijay Babu’s Friday Film House bank rolled the movie.

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