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Dulquer Salmaan pens an inspiring note about Mammootty as he completes 50 years in cinema

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Dulquer Salmaan pens an inspiring note about Mammootty as he completes 50 years in cinema

Malayalam superstar Mammootty is completing 50 years in the film industry. His first film ‘Anubhavangal Paalichakal’, in which he played a junior artist’s role, got released on August 6 in 1971. Fans, cinephiles and many from the film industry have written special notes to congratulate Mammootty on his remarkable feat. The best of all came from his son Dulquer Salmaan. The young star has written,

50 years of being an actor. Of dreaming big and never giving up. Still dreaming bigger. Of being better every day. Never being satiated. Of never tiring. Of forever being hungry to play the next great character. Forever striving to find the next great film. Of wanting to be known more as an actor than a megastar. Of loving cinema and the craft more than any actor I’ve met. Of inspiring millions. Of influencing generations. Of leading only by example. Of sticking to your morals and traditions irrespective of the times. Of being a stickler for quality. Of upholding relationships. Of being virtuous. Of valuing integrity. Of never taking short cuts. Of being the gold standard. Of running your own race. Of being a real life hero.

Even though you dislike these celebrations of your career milestones. 50 years of the most illustrious and glorious of careers is no small accomplishment.

Every day I count my blessings. Cause I get to see touch and hold the man outside of celluloid. And witness his life. Live under his greatness. His light. Experience the warmth and love people have for you. Hear your stories from the people who’s lives you’ve touched. I could write a book on you. But for now I’ll stop at this.

There was once a boy who’s eyes lit up when he discovered the magical world of the movies. He dreamed of being a part of it and pursued it relentlessly. And from when he got his first chance he worked tirelessly to make his mark. To make it count. For he values it. He maintains to this day he needs cinema more than cinema needs him. And no matter what heights he reaches, he makes his mountain only grow taller. Those who know him, know he’s still climbing and will never stop. That mountain of being the best actor he can possibly be.

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