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Even compassion of people differs from common man to celebrity

Even compassion of people differs from common man to celebrity-Hema Malini accident

A shocking incident happened last day which had made the headlines of most of the national medias and it was the car accident that involved actress and member of parliament Mrs. Hema Malini. Hema Malini’s Mercedes was crashed with a Maruti Alto and a child named Sonam of age four had been died at the spot where the accident has took place. The child was in the Maruti Alto and she was with her parents. The father and mother of the little girl still in hospital with fairly serious injuries and Hema malini also in the hospital with injuries.

But if you hear what had happened after the accident there you all must be shocked even more and will really began to think about the care and compassion shown by people which differs according to the status of the people to which this care and compassion is shown. The girl who died in the accident was the daughter of Mr. Hanuman Khandelwal and Mrs. Shikha Khandelwal. After the accident had took place a doctor who pass by the place took the actress and Member of Parliament Hema Malini, her co passenger and driver to the nearby Fortis hospital in Jaipur.

But he ignored the passengers from other car including the little girl who died, her father and mother who were also seriously injured during the accident. Later people from nearby places came there and helped them to reach the SMS hospital in Dausa. The distraught father who is in grave pain after the death of his daughter said that if that doctor who took Hema Malini to the hospital also took his kid along with him she may have been alive today.

The Doctor’ who took Hema Malini to hospital was Shiv Sharma. The mother of child still don’t know her child was dead and the father is in unbearable pain after hearing the news of his child’s death. They just wondering why people’s emotion took sides when it comes to common man and celebrities. The sensitivity of the doctor who left the victims of the accident at the scene and rescued only the celebrity actress seems really unacceptable to say the least.

Photo Credits : APLive

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