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The most expensive movie in Malayalam cinema, Veeram was born out of a 30 year old friendship

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The most expensive movie in Malayalam cinema, Veeram was born out of a 30 year old friendship

Director Jayaraj’s epic historic drama Veeram is getting good response from the audience. Critics have given a thumbs up for the team’s efforts in making the movie in such a big canvas.

Veeram is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth based on the Northern ballads or Vadakkan pattukal of Malabar region. It is currently the most expensive movie released in Mollywood. This epic historic drama is made on s budget of 35 crores. While talking to Onlookers Media, producer of the movie Chandramohan Pillai shared an interesting story behind how this movie was made.

Chandramohan Pillai and director Jayaraj were friends 30 years back when Jayaraj was as an assistant director. The former had a dream to produce a movie and during one of their conversations they both decided that they will join together for a movie someday. But with time, they parted ways and concentrated in their own respective fields. While Chandramohan Pillai went abroad and became a successful businessman, Jayaraj established himself as an acclaimed filmmaker. Though Chandramohan tried to contact Jayaraj several times, he couldn’t reach him. He later happened to watch one of Jayaraj’s interview where the director talked about his dream project. In the interview, he said that he couldn’t find a producer for his dream movie as it’s a big budget project. After watching the interview, Chandramohan sent a message to Jayaraj informing that he is willing to produce his movie. Even then Jayaraj did not realize who he was talking to and they decided to meet in Kochi. It was only then that Jayaraj could recollect his long lost friend. That reunion was the catalyst behind Veeram.

Chandramohan Pillai and hid co-brother Pradeep Rajan of Chandrakala Arts jointly produced the movie.

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