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Fazil against Kamal regarding his comments about Premam

Fazil against Kamal regarding his comments about Premam

Director Kamal seems to be drawing a lots of criticism as his comment about Premam film was not accepted well by social media as well as people from film fraternity. Now director Fazil had come out against Kamal’s comments about Premam today. Fazil says that he also watched movie and his eyes not went for finding out the mistakes in the movie and he had found many visually beautiful and wonderful cinematic moment in the film. Fazil says that we have to appreciate Alphonse Puthren for his direction and screenplay and he had done a terrific job as a film maker.

Fazil says that Kamal is discouraging the younger generation of film makers through his comments and Fazil specially not at all agreed with Kamal’s two comments which says that the scenes in Premam in which young people using alcohol in class and also the hero loving his teacher may mislead the young generation. Fazil says how it misleads the minds of youngsters or children and Kamal has to say how these young film makers to make a film as well if he believes that their way of film making is not right. Fazil also says that audience are not fools as Kamal’s comments indicates that also. Because a film accepted by audience is not a bad one as Kamal puts in.

Fazil also said that his film like Ente Soorya Puthrikku is based on a true incident that happened in college that time and he says the film Drishyam also shows the hero manipulating the evidence to mislead the police. Some people had come out criticizing that films too. People like T P Sen Kumar criticized Drishyam but he have the right to do it as he is a police officer. People can criticize a film if they are eligible for criticizing that particular subject of a film says Fazil.

Fazil also disagrees with Kamal’s comment about the piracy issue of Premam. Fazil says that anti-piracy cell had gone through many difficulties before catching the culprit and Kamal’s comment is just like insulting government and law enforcement organizations who took their step to investigate the issue.

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