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Feeling ecstatic and edgy about the release of Poomaram: Kalidas Jayaram

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Feeling ecstatic and edgy about the release of Poomaram: Kalidas Jayaram

The long wait for Kalidas Jayaram’s Poomaram is finally coming to an end. The movie is eagerly awaited by the Malayali audience for it has been in the making for nearly two years. Shoot commenced in 2016 and was supposed to hit screens by February last year. But it kept delaying due to some unknown reasons. The movie’s long delay is now a topic of trolls in social medias.

After multiple postponing, Poomaram, directed by Abrid Shine, is all set for a wide release on March 9. Posters and flex boards announcing the release have already come up in various parts of the state. Kalias shared a few photos in his Facebook page. He also wrote that he is feeling both ecstatic and edgy about the release.

Kalidas has already made his Tamil debut with the comic caper ‘Meenkuzhambum Manpaanayum’, which was released in 2016. But Poomaram is his first Malayalam movie as a lead actor and it is natural for the youngster to feel nervous as the release date is nearing.

Despite being under the wraps for such long time, Poomaram is still remembered by the public thanks to the trolls and the two hit tracks – ‘Njanum Njanumentalum’ and ‘Kadavathoru Thoni’. The movie promises to be a campus based youthful entertainer. It is jointly produced by Dr Paul Varghese and director Abrid Shine under the banner of Dr Paul’s Entertainment. Central Pictures will be releasing the movie in Kerala.

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