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Film industry reacts to Premam piracy issue

Film industry reacts to Premam piracy issue-Dulquer Salmaan-Nivin Pauly-Vineeth Sreenivasan

Premam piracy issue had really shaken our film industry and it paved way for both negative and positive things in our film industry. Negative in a way that it had really kick started the fights between different association which at rest at least for a short period and many people from different association is throwing dirt from one side to other. The positive thing is that many people had become aware of the seriousness of the issue and lots of people are coming out to support the kill piracy cause. Also the law enforcement organizations came under scanner which paved way for their intensive action for the last couple days which may can shake the platform on which the piracy business runs.

Film industry too reacts to this issue of Premam piracy. Vineeth Sreenivasan in his Facebook post said that he really loves cinema and really want to work in this field till his last breath. But if people had decided to watch films on Whatsapp, he says that it really scares him and he said that it was not piracy it was us or our attitude that really scare him. Director Lijo Jose Pellissery said that it was like killing cinema. There is lot of efforts of many people going in to the making of a film and piracy kills it like a baby is killed by strangling on his/her neck. He said that it was not just about Premam. It is about every upcoming films which are going to die like this. He lends his support to Anwar Rasheed through his Facebook Post.

Nivin Pauly who is the hero of this film told that today it is Premam and tomorrow it will be another one if we sit quietly bearing all this. He said that if the so called Cells which is investigating this case can go forward honestly they can find out who is behind this leak. If one sits silent in this issue he/she will not have anyone to support if the same thing happens to him/her tomorrow. Director Alphonse Puthren said that Anwar Rasheed is a prolific film maker and this was just like cheating a great film maker who gave us something good before. He also said that associations are there to protect cinema not to destroy it.

Producer Santhosh Kottayi said that he is too with Anwar Rasheed and also told that he is always against the issue of piracy and he never ever encouraged this trend by buying CD’s or downloading prints from internet. But he said that he will not tell that piracy will kill film industry as pirated print goes popular only if the movie is a big hit and grosses big profit from theaters. To every successful products there will be something like piracy in its way and it is a universal trend. It shows that there are enough and more viewers for good films and they can go to any extent for watching that flick. That is what this piracy prints and its popularity is all about.

The last among the list of supporters for Premam team was young star Dulquer Salmaan who had said that a film needs its maximum days at box office and piracy is just like a theft. He lend his support to Anwar Rasheed calling him his mentor and Guru.

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