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Gokul Suresh came replacing Aju Varghese in Mudhugauv

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Gokul Suresh came replacing Aju Varghese in Mudhugauv

Gokul Suresh, the son of Mollywood Super Star Suresh Gopi had made his debut here as an actor and his first film Mudhugauv had hit the screens all over last friday. The film is getting great response from all over and he is getting appreciation from everywhere for his cool performance as the character named Bharath in the film. But it was a role actually made for Aju Varghese, told producer Sandra Thomas to Onlookers Media.

She said that Gokul Suresh had come to this movie replacing Aju Varghese as Aju Varghese was chosen first to play the character named Bharath. It was Aju Varghese who introduced this director Vipin Das to Friday Film House for doing a short film named Unnimoolam. But that time they did not able to produce it as they were busy with their production of Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeeviayanu.

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Later, after completing Unnimoolam short film, Vipin again came to meet Sandra Thomas with the recommendation from Aju Varghese. At first Sandra Thomas heard the one line of the story and later Vijay Babu also heard the story and loved it. Aju Varghese’s name come up for the male lead of this film at first. But later they felt that they need a younger actor aged around 22 years to make this character more convincing. We don’t have such young actors who plays lead in the movie here. Gokul Suresh was Sandra’s Facebook friend and they contacted him with this subject. He loved it after hearing it and came to this film replacing Aju Varghese.

Sandra Thomas said that Gokul Suresh had worked so hard for this film as he reduced his weight considerably for making this character perfect.

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