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I am also using copied stuffs from other language films says SS Rajamouli

I am also using copied stuffs from other language films says SS Rajamouli

Recently SS Rajamouli who had become the showman of Indian cinema through the gigantic epic film Baahubali said that he also used to copy from other language films, specially from Hollywood films. Recently when SS Rajamouli Came to  Madras IIT to attend a program, there was a question hour for the students of IIT with him.

During that one student asked him the question that there was allegations that SS Rajamouli had added many scenes in his films inspired from Hollywood films and whether it is true or not..? Everybody were went silent at that question and waited for his answer for that. SS Rajamouli at first said that the one who asked the question was really a decent guy as he asked the question very politely. But he intended ask that whether Rajamouli copies from other languages or not. The audience burst in to laugh at this sense of humor by the director.

Rajamouli answered that he indeed copies from other language films and books while he makes his films. He said that his life experience, viewing experience of films, reading books etc taught him one thing that art is an imitation of things you see, here, and perceive from your surroundings and knowledge. So he don’t think it is a bad thing to copy from other language films. But he said that he feels disappointed if the copied stuff looks bad in his film while he made it. He always try to do justice to the original one while he gets inspired or copies stuff from others to his films.

He also said that when we copies something we have to make sure that we have to change it according our style and situation. Don’t make it look like a frame to frame copy without any inputs from us. Our inputs to it that makes it a new product and our creativity. There was certain allegations that many scenes from bahubali is copied from some English films or PC games etc. The First Look poster of the film also said to be plagiarized.

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