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I was not accepted well, says Indrans

Indrans about awards-Apothecary

Actor Indrans, is popular among the Malayalis as a comedian. This actor who has marked a space of his own in the Mollywood industry won the Kerala State Special Jury Award in 2014. This much appreciated, loved actor came to the industry as an actor and a costume designer in 1981. Indrans said to the media about his late achievement he has received as he has been a part of more than 250 films and is still working. And he says that whenever he thought of a recognition, he never got one. He never expected an award for the role in Apothecary as he had lose the hope of getting an award.

Indrans has been on the silver screen for the past 30 years and has managed to do different roles in these lifetime. He contributed his best in many of his films that he even thought he would get appreciated for his hard work but nothing ever came in his favour. He even expected some awards for his different roles and performances in some films, so he stopped thinking of getting awards and made himself understand that how good you perform you will not be rewarded or recognised. It was during this time, the award came for his performance in Apothecary, it was a delightful and sorrowful moment in this talented actor’s career.

Now he is happy about getting this award and has also said that as the beauty is concerned it is tough to receive an award among the odds and he is delighted to get chosen as the best out of that, as he expected an award for his performance in the movie Kathavaseshan in 2004 but never won.

This amazing personality has done a lot of comic roles as he is famous for those comic characters he portrayed. He has a style of his own which had no traits of the successful humour packages of that time like Adoor Bhasi, Bahadoor, Innocent or Jagathy. Indrans never duplicated anyone but placed his style as a turning point for him starting from the movie CID Unnikrishnan. From then on he has been one of that busiest humour package that is preferred by the directors till now. He is also capable of doing serious roles, realistic roles and so on. He can be categorised under a character actor as he acts according to the demand of the script. This multi-faceted actor is truly a treasure for Malayalam Cinema.

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