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Issue of Jayasurya’s donation to VD Rajappan takes a new turn

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Issue of Jayasurya’s donation to VD Rajappan takes a new turn

The latest issue that happened in Mollywood was the report that Jayasurya had given his cash award in Vanitha Film Awards 2016, to the family of veteran and bed ridden actor VD Rajappan and later a report came against it quoting VD rajappan’s son Rajeev Rajappan that Jayasurya did not gave anything to the family. But the issue had took a new turn as Jayasurya spoke to Onlookers Media exclusively about this issue.

He said that at Vanitha Film awards 2016, when he got 1 lakh rupees cash prize with his award, he publicly announced that this amount will be given to the family of V D Rajappan. Jayasurya said that it will take time to cash the Cheque given by Vanitha and he will give it to the family of VD Rajappan as he promised publicly at Trivandrum during the award function.

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He said that the all issue happened due to a misunderstanding of his words and the reports later came in medias. He said he is donating the cash to the family of VD Rajappan at the function. But it will take its time and the award function is not yet telecasted in mini screen as well. So the family members of VD Rajappan is unaware of what he said in that function and that is why reacted that Jayasurya had given nothing to them. When medias reported his announcement, it spread like he had already given the cash to VD Rajappan’s family and probably that had prompted VD Rajappan’s family members to react all of a sudden.

Jayasurya said that once the program will be telecasted, he will hand over the money through proper channels to the welfare of VD Rajappan. He will do full justice to what he said as well. Jayasurya also said why he announced it publicly. He wanted the public and all others know that VD Rajappan is not in his best of health condition and also inspire others to help this great artist by whatever way they can.

Anyway, with this clarification, Jayasurya made one thing clear that he is man of his word and a man with a golden heart as well. We also happy to clear the misunderstandings regarding this issue and hope you all will understood the situation that lead to this scenario.

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