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Ivide swallowed by Premam’s gigantic success

Ivide hit or flop-Premam collection report-Prithviraj-Nivin Pauly-Onlookers Media

Shyama Prasad Directorial crime drama Ivide released along with Alphonse Puthren’s Premam on the 29th of May this year and while Premam gone on to become one of the biggest hits of mollywood this year Ivide ended up on the losing side. It has a great star cast including Young super star Prithviraj, popular actress Bhavana and young star Nivin Pauly. Unfortunately it failed to make any impact at the box office of Malayalam film industry and literally washed away in front of the success of Premam which had really gone on to become a success which is very big in all sense.

The highlights of the film Ivide was its making and also the performance of Prithviraj Sukumaran. The making of Ivide was really up to international standards as many of the technicians worked in the film are from Hollywood and they did their magic on this one on its technical side. The film had a Hollywood tpoch in all aspects of its technical side and the aesthetic beauty of Shyama prasad’s vision also helped it to be a good one to the eyes for the spectators.

Prithviraj had done a fantastic job in this flick and that is a master class from him. The character of Varun Blake was perfectly portrayed that we even forgot Prithviraj and started to feel that it was Varun Balke the Atlanta based police officer. His English accent was terrific and he really outplayed all other actors in that flick with his superb control over the language and accent. It was his second outing with Shyama Prasad after the much acclaimed film named Akale which he had done at very early part of his career. The maturity he had got after these years in his acting and every movement as the character is unbelievable and he is now one of the best actors we have in our Malayalam film industry specifically and in south India as a whole.

The lack of proper promotion was a major cause for Ivide got unnoticed as many viewers did not even know that this film got released along with Premam. Even the promotion from the side of fans was too weak as well. In social media the only topic of discussion was Premam and about the characters in that and Ivide never become a subject of discussion. Perhaps an earlier release or later release may helped the film.

It has been really sad to see his performance goes unnoticed in front of the waves created by another film and it is not just Ivide but films like Kumbasaaram and Nirnayakam also is behind the shadow created by Premam. But after the first day of its release Nirnayakam getting great attention because of strong online media promotion combined with good word of mouth. The film began to make its mark on the box office as well. It is not at all good for our industry that good films are being ignored as it may make filmmakers to stop think different and they too will go behind trends or success formula.

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