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Jayasurya did not gave us any Money, says VD Rajappan’s son

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Jayasurya did not gave us any Money, says VD Rajappan’s son

Last day, the news which had spread throughout social media is that which said actor Jayasurya’s donation of his cash award to the family of bedridden artist VD Rajappan. The report says that the cash prize Jayasurya got at the Vanitha Film Awards 2016 that held at Trivandrum, was given to the family of V D Rajappan who is suffering from illness and poverty for a long time.

But now VD Rajappan’s son Rajeev came out and said to one of his friends that it is a fake news and Jayasurya had not given any cash to his family. That friend of his had posted it in Facebook with Rajeev’s permission as well. Now it is has become a great discussion in social media.

Rajeev reportedly said that Jayasurya had not given anything to his family and he does not need it as well. Their family is not living in any poverty and they are living a decent life. These kind of fake news will only result in making his family stand in a poor light. He said that he will go legally against those online pages who spreads these kinds of fake news about his family. Rajeev said to his friend that these pages never checks the truth behind a report if they got any and spreads without confirming it. That will defame many families and people and they are not at all bothered about that.

After the news came in medias, people are sharing it and appreciating jayasurya for his kind act. But actually such an act was never took place and that is made clear by VD Rajappan’s son Rajeev himself.

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