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Jayasurya or Fahad to play the character of Noushad on screen !

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Noushad, no Malayali can never forget this man, this name. Noushad is the one who sacrificed his life while saving two people from the manhole in Calicut. He was an auto driver and given his life to save those ones who are complete strangers to him. He never considered their caste, religion or any other difference with him. But he just think about them as his fellow beings and leaped in to the manhole to save those lives without thinking about his own. But fate had something bad in store. With that two Andhra Pradesh native people, Noushad also died in the manhole.

He was the epitome of kindness and was the talk of the society for a long time. But society tend to forget everything as they gets new things to remember. But Noushad’s life is not the one which has to get forget and to make it evergreen, his life story is now becoming a Malayalam Cinema. As per reports Jayasurya or Fahad Fazil will play the central character of Noushad in this film.

The film is titled as Njangade Swantham Unnikka and it will be directed by debutant Sajeesh Guruvayoor. He was the disciple of popular director V R Gopala Krishnan and was searching for a story that creates impact in society for the last 12 years. Now he believes that by making Noshad’s life story in to a film, he had to fulfill a social commitment as well. Noushad’s auto with the registration number KL 11 S 6693 will use in this movie as well.

He said that at first he does not think of making the life story of Noushad in to a film. But when he visited his home he realized that Noushad was really everything of Karuvassery Village. He cannot get forget by the people there and he has to be there in the mind of Malayalees forever. That’s when he planned to make his life story in to a film which people remembers forever.

He said that the scripting will complete in 2 month time and the script is writing by two people named Vipinesh and Sreejesh. They are planning to begin the shoot by the end of April. It will be an Onam release.

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