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Jayasurya starrer Sunny is a single-character film!

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Jayasurya starrer Sunny is a single-character film!

As reported earlier, Jayasurya is reuniting with director Ranjith Sankar for a new film titled ‘Sunny’. Besides the fact that it is the star’s 100th film, there are some other specialities to it. Interestingly, ‘Sunny’ is a single-character film. Jayasurya’s titular character will be the only one appearing on screen from start to end. He plays the role of a contemporary musician in the film.

As per the makers, the film is set in the times of pandemic. It is the story of a talented musician who failed to make it big. The film tries to capture the emotions of this lonely and depressed middle-aged man. Earlier, a teaser was released which also gives a clear picture about the character and his state of mind.

‘Sunny’ will be a very challenging role for Jayasurya as it will not be easy to hold the audience’s attention with just one character appearing on screen during the entire run-time. The actor, who is known for putting the extra efforts, had been prepping up to play the role for the last few months.

‘Sunny’ boasts of a strong technical crew. Veteran Madhu Neelakandan is the cinematographer and Shameer Muhammed, the editor. Shankar Sharma of ‘Darwinte Parinamam’ fame handles the music department. Since sound is an integral part of the film, the makers have got Sinoy Joseph, who has worked in several Bollywood films, as the sound designer. Jayasurya and Ranjith Sankar are jointly producing the film.

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