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Justice for Sreejith: Celebrities show their support!

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Justice for Sreejith: Celebrities show their support!

For the last few days, Malayali social media forums have been witnessing something truly phenomenal, an uprising of sorts. Netizens from across the state have united to show their support to Sreejith, who has been been protesting outside the secretariat for 765 days demanding justice for his brother, who was killed in police custody.

Last day, representatives from various social media groups were in the state capital to show their solidarity to Sreejith in his fight for justice. Celebrities have also joined in the cause, thus taking the issue to more people. Actor Tovino visited Sreejith in the protest venue and requested the concerned authorities to look into the matter at the earliest.

Other celebrities like Prithviraj, Nivin Pauly, Parvthay, Indrajith, Geetu Mohandas, Sanal Kumar Sasidharan and Roopesh Peethambaran, to name a few, have posted notes in their Facebook pages seeking justice for the youngster who had been fighting a lone battle against the State all this while.

Prithviraj, in his Facebook page has written,

You singlehandedly represent the most valuable human faculty of modern times. One that we are fast losing..and one that we have ceased to respect. The quest for the truth, the refusal to settle for the compromise that’s a lie! You may be doing this for your brother, for your family, for your self. But what you have become through the course of the last 2 years, is an embodiment of hope…for a whole generation who’s forgotten the merit of peaceful protest, the eloquence of silence, the power of one. Thank you brother..for touching the collective conscience of the world around you. May you know the truth you’re seeking, may you get the justice you deserve and may you find the peace that eludes you!

Actor Nivin Pauly was among the first from the cine fraternity to talk about the issue. His Facebook post reads,

762 days of anguish! It’s heartbreaking to see this. Sreejith deserves to know the truth behind the death of his brother. Just like every individual in this country, Sreejith deserves justice, so does his family! I am with you on this brother! A big salute to your one man fight!

Sreejith’s brother Sreejeev was arrested by the Parassala police in May 2014 on allegations of theft. Days after the arrest, he died at a private hospital. While the police claimed that Sreejeev had consumed poison, Sreejith alleges that the police murdered his brother. Sreejith his now demanding the CBI to take up the matter and punish the accused at the earliest.

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