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Kabali icon in WhatsApp : The secret behind Rajinikanth emoji

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Kabali icon in WhatsApp : The secret behind Rajinikanth emoji

The news which trended in social media today was about the addition of a Rajinikanth emoji in WhatsApp Icon set. People found a man icon in WhatsApp icon set which looks like Rajinikanth. The look of that man from the icons resembles vintage look of Rajinikanth and specifically from the movie named Kabali.

The hair style of the man in that icon also made people believe that it was an emoji of the Super Star and reports came in that WhatsApp had added that emoji to honor Rajinikanth before the release of Kabali. But the now the secret had come out of the magician’s hat. It was not a Rajinikanth emoji as everybody believed. But, that emoji of a man wearing suit, who is standing upright is made based on the character named Walt Jabsco.

This icon was originally added to the Windings font to denote an exclamation mark and that too in the style of the rude boy logo which found on records by The Specials. This was founded by a person named Jen Sorenson. It is actually named as theman in business suit levitating emoji and it was approved at Unicode 7.0 in the year 2014.

It is not at all an emoji based on Rajinikanth or his style. May be the ones who spread it wanted only a promotion for Rajinikanth’s upcoming film Kabali. The promotion of the film is going great guns finding new and unique methods like painting Kabali poster on Air India flight etc.

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