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Kamal Haasan slams Tamil Nadu government for the failure to prevent the flood disaster in Chennai

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The heavy rains are going on in Tamil Nadu and Chennai City had suffered one of the most disastrous situation it had ever witnessed in its history. Tamil Nadu’s coast area were almost become numb by the disaster as well. Super star Kamal Haasan had slammed the Tamil Nadu government for the failure to prevent such a situation and their incompetence to tackle the situation in the right manner. He asks that if this is the situation in one city named Chennai what would be the situation of the whole state of Tamil Nadu.

Kamal Haasan says that it affects poor and ordinary people the most and rich people can only feel guilt. But the government had to do the necessary as they stand for the poor and ordinary ones. Kamal Haasan says that he is not a money spinner but he felt sad as he watches the people suffering around him. Kamal says that all systems here had just failed. From communication to transportation had failed miserably. To come back to normal living condition, it will take months from here.

He asks how this happened and where all the money had gone which people gave to the government as Taxes. Kamala Hasan says that he did not have black money with him and he pays due taxes to the government as well. But what this government gives to people or what they are doing for the people who gave them this tax.

Kamal Haasan says that he is feeling sad and feeling the guilt as well as for having a house which is safe. You are sitting in your house safe while others around you going down is the hardest part of life says Kamal Haasan. He tells that rather than asking help from others Government should take the charge and help the people who are suffering. Contributions and support will come from kind people in its time. But Government now playing a hide and seek game and running away from their responsibility to serve and protect people. They should stop this and come forward.

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