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Kamal Sir’s religion is the reason for the issue, says Aashiq Abu

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Kamal Sir’s religion is the reason for the issue, says Aashiq Abu

Director Kamal who is also the chairman of the Kerala State Chalachithra Academy was in the news for the issues surrounding national anthem being played in theatres. Protests were sparked against him alleging that he showed disrespect towards the national anthem.

The director has been receiving support from many corners including Chief Minister of the State, Pinarayi Vijayan. Young filmmaker Aashiq Abu, a former assistant to director Kamal has showed his support through a note on Facebook. He has written,

“Chalachithra Academy presided by Kamal sir was instrumental in playing the national anthem before screenings during the film festival. He complied with the Supreme Court’s order and also made arrangements like voice overs and scrolls written in English and Malayalam asking the deleagtes to stand up during the national anthem.

People are protesting against Kamal as an individual, because of his religion. Will be supporting and standing by him to ensure all his rights as a common citizen.”

The 21st International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) was held in Thiruvananthapuram from December 9-16. During the screening of the movie Clash on December 12, six delegates were arrested for showing dissent towards the national anthem by not standing up. This triggered a big controversy among people who had diverse opinions about the new directive by the Supreme Court.

The director was soon labelled as an anti national and Yuva Morcha activists staged protests in front of his residence alleging that he supported the arrested delegates. The activists raised slogans against Kamal and even burned his effigy.

As a mark of showing their protest, they even sang the national anthem in front of his house. The groups called out Kamal as a Muslim, Kamaluddin, and an anti-national. They asked him to go to Pakistan if he cannot respect the national anthem.

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