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Kanchanamala issue, the director have a few words to tell us as well

Kanchanamala issue, the director RS Vimal have a few words to tell us as well

The recent issue that become a topic of discussion in social media platforms about Malayalam cinema was involving Kanchanamala and actor Dileep. It was all against the team behind the film Ennu Ninte Moideen including director RS Vimal, the financers of the film and actor Prithviraj as well. The issue all started when the team behind the film is reportedly neglected Kanchanamala and her dream of setting up a memorial for Moideen under the title Moideen Seva Mandir.

The flick is a huge success based on her real life story and amassing crores of rupees from box office. For her it is only the case of 10 to 15 lakhs for a building to set up the Moideen Seva Mandir. But nobody came to help her. Then came our popular actor Dileep with his helping hands and he offered to make a new building for Kanchanamala and her Moideen Seva Mandir which is now in a little shed which is degenerated. Dileep also came to Mukkam today and met her in this regard. There is great protest going on against the team of the film for neglecting Kanchanamala. But the director Vimal has a few words to say to us regarding this issue.

Kanchanamala issue, the director RS Vimal have a few words to tell us as well

Vimal at first appreciated popular actor Dileep for his effort to rebuild Moideen Seva Mandir. Vimal said that it was their wish as well even before starting the shoot of the film that the Moideen Memorial Moideen Seva Mandir has to be the biggest memoir for love in this world. They also started the steps to make it real as well. But during the last phase of the shoot some crooked people made Kanchanamala to misunderstand Vimal and she filed a case against him in the court at Kozhikkod. The case is still in the consideration of the honorable court. So they cannot do anything for Moideen Seva mandir as if they had done anything it will be like insulting the court as the case is still on between Kanchanamala and Vimal.

That is why they cannot able to do anything even after wish to do it. So he says his regards to Dileep who has come forward to help Kanchanamala recognizing their difficulty as well. Vimal wants other good hearted people also to come forward at help the cause.

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