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Is child abuse a joke for you ? Video against Kani Kusruti’s controversial short film Memories of a Machine

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Is child abuse a joke for you ? Video against Kani Kusruti’s controversial short film Memories of a Machine

Memories of a Machine, a short film starring Kani Kusruti has been trending virally in social media pages for the past few days. It has been receiving mixed response ever since the release, with many people criticizing that it sends an immoral message to the society.

The film shows a woman sharing her first sexual experience with her husband. She narrates an incident that happened to he while she was only 8 years old. The peon in her school had touched her private parts and that is when she felt an orgasm for the first time in her life. The protagonist is very comfortable taking about the incident which she considers caused no harm for her.

But apparently the message that the movie conveys has not gone well with many people. Severe criticisms were lashed at the makers for glorifying child abuse and pedophiles.

Two women have released a video against this short film in question. They believe that it sends a very wrong message about a serious threat that is prevailing in the society for many years now. They claim that it is not the kind of message we would want to convey to our younger peers. They are opposing the short film because they feel that the makers have romanticized such a critical issue like child abuse.

This video here clearly justifies the criticism faced by the short film with real people coming out and sharing their strong views against the short film Memories of a machine .

Memories of a Machine is a critically acclaimed short film directed by Karnataka based filmmaker Shailaja Padindala. Memories of a Machine was screened at international festivals like Seattle South Asian Film Festival and Bangalore Queer Film Festival.

It also received appreciation at the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, Chennai International Short Film Festival, ViBGYOR Film Festival, and Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival—all this year.

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