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Karnam Malleswari biopic announced on her birthday

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Karnam Malleswari biopic announced on her birthday

It seems like there is no end to biopics in Indian cinema and the latest to get one is weightlifting champion Karnam Malleswari. Today, on the occasion of her birthday, Kona Film Corporation have officially announced the biopic. Sanjana Reddy, who made ‘Raju Gadu’, will be directing this film. The makers are yet to reveal the cast but they have confirmed that it will be a multilingual pan Indian film made on a big scale.

Karnam Malleswari born in Andhra Pradesh trained in weightlifting since childhood and began her career when she was 12. She is the first and only Indian woman to win a medal at the Olympics. At the the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Malleswari lifted 110 kg in the snatch and 130 kg in the clean and jerk categories for a total of 240 kg. She made the country proud by winning the bronze medal at the competition.

It is not yet known who will be playing Karnam Malleswari’s role in the biopic but whoever does the role will have to put strenuous efforts to pull off the character authentically.

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