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KRK feared Malayalis and resulted in apologizing

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KRK feared Malayalis and resulted in apologizing

The top news that had hit social media today was Bollywood star KRK aka Kamaal Rashid Khan apologizing to Mohanlal through his Twitter handle. The star had targeted the complete actor from the next day he had announced his biggie The Mahabharata. The first tweet made was insulting Mohanlal by comparing him to the cartoon character Chotta Bheem on basis of his size, and questioning him why to waste producer BR Shetty’s money.

The later tweets came in quick succession, 25 in total. Through his tweets he had insulted Mohanlal, called his fans idiots, compared Mohanlal to other actors, held online polls, boasted his Twitter followers number, wished to play Sreekrishna in the biggie, suggested the cast for the movie, claimed that Mahabharata​ was not going to happen by stating BR Shetty had not confirmed to fund the movie and in the end apologized.

The star in his apology tweet had asked Mohanlal to forgive him for comparing the complete actor to Chotta Bheem and admitted that he never knew Mohanlal was such a versatile actor and the superstar of Malayalam films. His tweet read: “Sir @Mohanlal sorry to call you #ChotaBheem Coz I didn’t know much about you. But now I know that you are a super star of Malayalam films

The star, though lately, had done such an​ apology only because of the loads of comments, retweets and messages he had received daily that were completely against him. He had also complained to Mohanlal on a tweet of his that why the fans are abusing him so much. The fans had done a brilliant job behind this nevermind their fanbase. All the Malayalis had offered the perfect online ‘pongala’ on the star’s social handles. The star who had earlier tweeted some what the same thing against PM Narendra Modi, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajnikanth and Shah Rukh Khan had coolly walked away without been questioned. But this time, Malayalis had given him a real bad time and he had paid for it. As Santhosh Pandit and Suraj Venjaramoodu rightly said “You have played against the lion and it’s cubs; Never expect your family to receive your remains and ashes

The Mallu Cyber Soldiers (MCS) had took full control of his Adsense account which manages the financial income of his YouTube videos. They had hacked and freezed his accounts until he stops abusing and apologizes. This had really shocked and surprised him. And it is quite sure that he will never ever again in his entire life target Malayalis or Malayalam personalities using any social media platform!

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