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KRK tightens abusive against Mohanlal!

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KRK tightens abusive against Mohanlal!

Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK who was yesterday filled and featured in the social media walls is not yet ready to stop the tweets and posts published against the complete actor. He had compared Mohanlal to Chotta Bheem on basis of his size days after the actor himself announced as playing Bheeman in The Mahabharata.

Yesterday after the first post fans had been terribly upset and angry, nevertheless posting abusive tweets and posts against the Bollywood star. Later the day we had also spotted an interesting event where Mammootty fans and of others too came into play. KRK was also filled yesterday in many a news portals released online.

Three tweets as we reported yesterday had come in quick succession after the first one.
Can’t understand why Malayali ppl r abusing me since morning? M I wrong abut Mohanlal who is not equal 2Hathiyar of Bheem n wants 2play him?

Sir @Mohanlal I have seen you in few films of @RGVzoomin n this is why I know you, n believe me u were looking like a joker in those films.

So if I called you Chota Bheem what you are really, then why are ur fans abusing me since morning? It’s not fair sir

The fans of various actors in M-Town who targeted him with the online ‘pongala’ are now fed up seeing the star boasting his values and abilities greater that the complete actor’s.

He had called the Mohanlal fans idiots and put up the fact that he had got 3.7 million followers on Twitter and Mohanlal had got only 1.7 million. Strange! He had also later put up a tweet stating Madhur Bhandakar had got 3 national awards and a Padma Shri honour and is not worth in the society. A post published by him on Facebook showing Mohanlal in China Town featuring a goon was taken away by Facebook later the day.

He has now come up with a GIF image on Twitter that shows Mohanlal along with Mammootty attending a prestigious film awards ceremony in Kerala.

He tweeted along with the GIF:

Instead of abusing me you dumb fans of @Mohanlal should explain, what he was doing with his hand in a public function. He is shameless.

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