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Lab report came from Hyderabad: Death of Kalabhavan Mani may not be a natural one

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Lab report came from Hyderabad: Death of Kalabhavan Mani may not be a natural one

Late actor Kalabhavan Mani is still in the news headlines as the problems and suspicion related to his death is not yet over. From the time of his death, there is suspicion that his death might not be a natural one. His brother RLV Ramakrishnan had openly come out and said that his brother was not dead of liver diseases but his death is a clear cut homicide.

He also alleges that people like Tharikida Sabu aka Sabumon Abdusamad, Jaffer Idukki along with Kalabhavan Mani’s personal staff is behind all these as they were the ones who present there at Paddy with Mani before he was taken to hospital due to degenerated health condition. Now, the report from Central Lab of Hyderabad had also came and it also suggests that Mani’s death may not be a natural one.

Earlier the lab report from Kakkanadu said that there was the presence of pesticides in Kalabhavan Mani’s body. They also said that it may have come from the vegetables he ate before his death. But, the report from Hyderabad completely discarded that findings and they found out the presence of Methanol in Kalabhavan Man’s internal organs. They said that Methanol was present in his body and that too about more than 45 Milligram.

This amount of Methanol can enter a man’s body through the use of toxic liquor. They said that his death might be happened due to the use of toxic or fake liquor and the chances of a sudden death due to liver disease is too low.

Police is continuing the investigation and reports says that they are all set to handover the case to CBI. The
verbal spat between RLV Ramakrishnan and Sabumon Abdusamad is continuing through Social Media and everyone hopes that it will end soon as the investigation team finds out who is right and who is wrong.

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