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Lanchi Velayudhan’s family against film Pathemari

Case against Pathemari-Mammootty-Siddique

The new release of Mammootty’s Pathemari by Salim Ahamed is facing a new accusation from the Lanchi Velayudhan family. The reason the family has pointed out is that the film has portrayed Lanchi Velayudhan in a bad way which is really hurting the family and people who know him. The family is asking the director to edit the scenes where Lanchi Velayudhan’s life is portrayed badly and if they refuses to do the necessary and continues the show, the family has announced they will be taking legal action.The people who has come up with this issue is said to be Lanchi Velayudhan’s family from Chettuva, Thrissur.

The family has also said that Lanchi Velayudhan was a person who helped many to go to Gulf countries and make something for a living. But he could not help himself to get out of his economic problems. Velayudhan’s family has raised their voice against this movie because they think that Velayudhan never bowed his head until he died and in the movie when he was portrayed in the same name it was like harassing and degrading his name.

They are also demanding that the movie has to cut down scenes which shows Velayudhan give up his mental state. And the director has come up with a reply to all these saying the character and the story are all fictitious and they only tried to portray Lanchi Velayudhan’s humanity in the film. He also said that it is sad that such an allegation came from Velayudhan’s family. In the film the role of Lanchi Velayudhan was played by Siddique.

Lanchi Velayudhan died in 2005 and this movie was actually made on the life story shared by this person to the director. Talking to many people who were on this ride to Gulf the director Salim Ahamed made it to the silver screen. For Salim Ahamed this is truly a tribute for all the people who are connected with the story even though it is fictitious. Hope the family understands the director and accept this film. Pathemari created some good waves when it was selected to compete with this year’s official Oscar entry from India. That news really did well for the movie as it invited a lot of hopes and movie lovers to watch it at the theaters.

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