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Loham to come up with an unusual way of storytelling

Loham to come up with an unusual way of storytelling says Mohanlal

The waiting has become unbearable for the fans of Mohanlal and film lovers of Kerala as they are eagerly waiting to see Mohanlal magic in big screen in Ranjith’s directorial Loham. The movie is gaining high expectation as each day passes. This Mohanlal-Ranjith flick will hit the silver screens on the 20th August and there is almost two weeks time for the film to hit the theatres and this keeps the fans waiting all over. From the release of its first look poster the expectation has raised and Mohanlal’s look in this movie with his mustache twirled made that expectation double.

Right from the start of the shooting it was said that Ranjith is doing an action thriller this time with some commercial elements which is a different move from his recent movies. And Mohanlal’s mass look had worked from the beginning that they are using it again as a catalyst to raise the hope like the people really began to expect a Narasimham(2000) or Aaram Thamburan(1997) model film in which Mohanlal staged his career best performances with his twirled moustache look.

But later reports came in which said that it will not be a mass film as people expect it to be and it will be a class thriller type movie. But now Mohanlal also saying the same confirming that “Loham is not a movie which centers around his twirled moustache look or the mass effect it creates”. In the flick he has different looks like with beard, without beard and with the so talked about ‘twirled moustache’ look as well. But more than the look in the film the subject is all that matters.

Mohanlal, the complete actor says that “the subject of the film is of social relevance and it is told in an extraordinary way”. He said the film is more or less like Spirit (2012) which shares about the problems of Alcohol addiction. But it never had long anti-Alcoholic speeches in it. It told the story by becoming a part of alcohol. Loham will also be a film with social relevance. He said, “ the story telling in this film is not like a usual film and everyone have to watch it to find out how it will be delivered. He says that the suspense of the film centers around two things; One is about what is its subject matter and the other is about where his character stands in this subject.

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